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Apr 15

Google SketchUp with Y6 (30th April 2015)

We went over an old favourite of Year 6 today, Google Sketch Up. The children were making Egyptian Pyramids as part of their topic on The Egyptians. Some even tried to make a Sphinx! Check out their efforts below...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Robots with Cedars and Willows (27th/28th April 2015)

We discussed use of technology last week in ICT and this week looked at another way in which technology is used, Robots. The children discovered that Robots are another form of technology (machines or devices that help us do things) that are really useful. Look at some of the reasons why Robots might be used...

Willows Robots

Willows Robots 1 Abbie
Willows Robots 2 Adam
Willows Robots 3 Aeryn
Willows Robots 4 Andrew
Willows Robots 5 Ashley
Willows Robots 6 Edward
Willows Robots 7 Eloise
Willows Robots 8 Esther
Willows Robots 9 Frazer
Willows Robots 10 Gabby
Willows Robots 11 George
Willows Robots 12 Ishe
Willows Robots 13 Jacob
Willows Robots 14 Kimi
Willows Robots 15 Liliana
Willows Robots 16 Lilia
Willows Robots 17 Louisa
Willows Robots 18 Max
Willows Robots 19 Mia
Willows Robots 20 Nia
Willows Robots 21 Oakley
Willows Robots 22 Oliver B
Willows Robots 23 Oliver C
Willows Robots 24 Olivia

Mind Mapping with Willow Class (21st April 2015)

Today we were using the free demo of Popplet to create a mind map using ICT. We discussed what technology was: 'Machines and devices that help people do things'.

This prompted a discussion of different devices and machines in and around our school e.g. computer, photocopier, CD player.... and then technology beyond our school. The children had lots of ideas and presented these as mind maps. Take a look at the vast range of technology we thought of!


Popplet Lite is a free, easy to use app for creating lovely Mind Maps.

Picture 1 Abbie
Picture 2 Adam
Picture 3 Aeryn
Picture 4 Andrew
Picture 5 Ashley
Picture 6 Edward
Picture 7 Eloise
Picture 8 Emma
Picture 9 Esther
Picture 10 Frazer
Picture 11 Gabby
Picture 12 George
Picture 13 Ishe
Picture 14 Jack
Picture 15 Jacob
Picture 16 Kimi
Picture 17 Liliana
Picture 18 Max
Picture 19 Mia
Picture 20 Nia
Picture 21 Oakley
Picture 22 Oliver B
Picture 23 Oliver C
Picture 24 Olivia
Picture 25 Thomas