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Jan 15

Internet Research with Y3 (27th January 2015)

The children in Year 3 were researching the Romans today. They were presented with 5 very good websites to help 'Find a Fact About...' different aspects of Roman life. This meant the children had to navigate each website effectively, using skills practised in previous weeks. Dylan reminded everyone, if we typed key words into the 'Search Box', it would save time! Please have another go - ready for next week!


Spreadsheets with Year 5 (22nd January 2015)

Today, we continued our work on Spreadsheets. The children were exploring the use of formulae to perform calculations, in particular calculating column totals for a Sweetshop. As it automatically updated the total, it allowed the children to play around with quantities to solve the given problem. Take a look at some examples of their work.


*Why not try it yourself by downloading the Excel template below - Can you find any more ways to complete the challenge?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Jigsaws with Acorns (21st January 2015)

The Acorns have been practising clicking and dragging with the mouse. They had to click on the pieces of the jigsaw and drag them into position to complete the fairy-tale picture.


I have made the following three jigsaws with the wonderful 2DIY from Purplemash. Please have fun clicking on the links below, piecing the jigsaws together.

The Three Bears (easy)

The Three Little Pigs (medium)

Jack and the Beanstalk (hard)

Spreadsheets with Year 5 (15th January 2015)

Today the children were building upon prior knowledge of cell references, by exploring entering formulae to complete simple calculations for (+ - X /). They learnt that all formulae should start with = and began setting up their own Spreadsheet to calculate a 'times table' of their choosing.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2

Practising mouse skills with Acorns (14th January 2015)

Today, Acorns were practising their mouse skills (courtesy of Simon Haughton). They were playing Dot-to-Dot, following patterns and drawing pictures. Please download the file and click 'SlideShow>FromBeginning'. Have fun following the red dot.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Maples on the Web (12th January 2015)

Maples have been learning how to use websites on the internet. The children decided that the World Wide Web (or WWW for short!) was a good place to go and look for information. So they have been practising navigating a wonderful website called 'Infant Encyclopedia' (by Simon Haughton).



This website uses a range of multimedia (pictures, video, text, audio) to get the information to us, and it allowed us to practice our navigation techniques.


Another great website for finding out information is DK Find Out. Please follow the link.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Spreadhseets with Year 5 (8th January 2015)

Today the children were introduced to Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheets. They were guided around the screen, identifying the Sheet, Cells, Rows, Columns and Formula Bar. The children learnt that every cell can be identified by its unique Cell Reference. To highlight this they completed the Wizards Challenge, whereby they had to enter each cell reference in the correct cell.

We then discussed how Spreadsheets might be used/useful. The children explored Gold Mine and soon realised their value in mathematical activities, performing calculations quickly and reliably.


*Try it out for yourself by downloading the Excel Spreadsheets below.

Picture 1 Charlotte
Picture 2 Elise
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome to the Web Year 3 (6th January 2015)


"Welcome to the Web" is an interactive set of web pages which can be used to teach children (and adults) about the Internet. They can be used in the classroom / computer room and children are welcome to explore them as they wish (although they have been designed to use in sequence). This site covers:

1. Getting Started Online

2. Staying Safe

3. Using your Browser

4. Searching Online

5. Trying Top Tricks

6. Web Challenge


Please click on the picture above to visit the site and have fun learning and exploring...