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Jul 15

Year 2 and Year 3 enjoying Scratch (14th/15th July 2015)

I have worked on Scratch with Year 2 and 3 this week, encouraging the children to be creative. I gave them the finished programs to explore, which they then decomposed into all the parts necessary to make the program. I then let the children make the programs. Look at these amazing efforts from Laasya and Eloise below....

Mobile Phone Holders with Year 5 (8th July 2015)

Today, year 5 spent the morning discussing internet safety and the importance of being careful when online. We began by discussing what should and shouldn't be shared publicly online. We then watched the Newsround Internet safety video.


Following this discussion, we made mobile phone holders, decorated with tips for staying safe online. The stand itself was very easy to construct and the children thoroughly enjoyed making the stand - many thanks to @simonhaughton for the inspirational idea! We finished the session looking at the Horrible Histories video about privacy settings.


Take a look at some stands made by year 5 below:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Scratch with Year 2 (7th July 2015)

Year 2 had an introduction to Scratch today. This is a free piece of Software that enables the children to start programming their own games. Please click on the sprite above, to find out how to download the software safely, and start programming at home, or use the online version of scratch instead!


*You can now download the new Scratch Junior App from iTunes for your tablet*

**You can now download an app that looks, and acts just like Scratch called Pyonkee**


Smartie the Penguin with Acorns (6th July 2015)

The children in Acorns listened to CEOP's story about Smartie the Penguin, who goes on an Internet adventure with Daddy Penguin and learns how to stay safe online. Follow the link to read the story with your children and check out Acorns' own Penguins, drawn using 2Simple program - 2Paint a Picture.

Picture 1 Aidan B
Picture 2 Alex
Picture 3 Bodie
Picture 4 Brooke
Picture 5 Charlie
Picture 6 Darci
Picture 7 Eiddwen
Picture 8 Esosa
Picture 9 Eva
Picture 10 Ewan
Picture 11 Fleur
Picture 12 Franky
Picture 13 Harry
Picture 14 Henrik
Picture 15 Jacob
Picture 16 Joshua H
Picture 17 Joshua M
Picture 18 Luke
Picture 19 Max
Picture 20 Naomi
Picture 21 Oliver
Picture 22 Poppy
Picture 23 Romy
Picture 24 Ruby
Picture 25 Ryan
Picture 26 Saad
Picture 27 Sam
Picture 28 Sophie
Picture 29 Stevie
Picture 30 Taleila
Picture 31 Toby
Picture 32 Zachary