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Mar 16

Easter work on iPads (22nd March 2016)

In our computing lessons, Years 3 and 6 have been looking at different aspects of the Easter Story.

Year 3 concentrated on the Last Supper and began using an app called Adobe Voice, to help share their story. This involved collecting photographs, adding text, music and recording their own voiceovers.

Year 6 were given the task to retell the Easter Story through the work of famous artists. Having already practiced using the iMovie app, they put their new skills to the test to produce some wonderful videos.


Please follow the links below to view their work.

iMovie with Year 5 and Year 6 (2nd March 2016)

Over the last two weeks, Years 5 and 6 have been introduced to another amazing app called iMovie. This app allows you to create stunning videos (see Pipes of Peace, Man in the Office and Leavers Video 2015 at bottom of the page).


Years 5 and 6 were given the task to create a short video of their favourite websites. They had to collect screen captures from those sites and place into a iMovie to create a video. Each clip needed the URL for the website. The children then were allowed to experiment with themes, sounds, transitions, clip length and filters. Finally they had to then record a voiceover, explaining the things you an do on each of the websites in their video.


They had great fun and are now ready to use the skills above to create informative topic videos in other areas of the curriculum (or as part of homework projects!). See below...

Book Creator with Year 3 (1st March 2016)

Over the last week, year 3 have been taking their first look at the amazing Book Creator app. This app is truly fabulous for creating eBooks and comics. It allows you to use a range of multimedia including: sounds, pictures, text, photos... We have given it a try by making a hilarious Joke Book (mostly from Mr Saunders' repertoire!). Take a look below...

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Picture 2
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Picture 13

Jokes by Year 3 using Book Creator app

Still image for this video