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May 16

Year 6 Stop Frame Animations (18th May 2016)

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been preparing to make stop frame animations. Designing the backgrounds, characters and thinking about the story outline. Today, we finally started getting some of the animations recorded.


Stop Frame animation is the process of take individual still photographs, before playing them in continuous motion. The objects are moved in small increments so as to appear to move upon their own when played back. Please follow this link to see more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/z9pvcdm


Katie and Nishty produced their Stop Frame Animation today using 230 frames. Please take a look below.


TOP TIP: Try making an iPad stand using lego. It is important to keep the iPad still and in one place to prevent 'jumpy' animations. Try out my lego iPad stand below.


Katie Nishty.mov

Still image for this video

Year 3 Jungle Weather Reporters using Tellagami (17th May 2016)

he children in Year 3 used the fabulous app called Tellagami to become weather reporters. You won't see them in the videos, as the children have used avatars or Gami's to hide behind. However, you will hear their voices! Watch below.


Still image for this video