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Sports Relief

500 Mile Challenge!!

On Friday 21st March, we will doing our part to raise money for Sports Relief by undertaking our own 500 Mile challenge. Pupils will complete 4 laps of a course within school during the day which means each pupil will walk, leap, hop, run, conga a MILE. In addition, each class will choose one exercise and complete 500 of that exercise as a class. Tigers will attempt 500 long jump and Year 6 500 skips! We wait with baited breath to see what classes will do. Children may dress in PE/Sports kit and wear something red or white or both! We ask that a £1 donation is made which will go to Sports Relief but should you wish to donate more for your child’s sterling efforts please do so as it’s a great cause. If parents would like to join classes for their child(ren)’s class mile, please speak to class teacher(s) for their timings.