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Oct 14

Year 5 Anti-bullying presentations (24th October)

Year 5 have spent the last few weeks creating anti-bullying presentations, using Windows Live Movie Maker.  They have created short videos containing  photographs, text and audio to get the message across. We hope you enjoy the presentations.

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Jessica and Abraham's Anti-Bullying Video

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Year 1/2 Mash Cams (using Purplemash) 22nd October 2014

Willows and Cedars were enjoying using Mashcams this week, a program from the team at 2Simple (Mashcams is also a free app on iTunes) The children were importing their digital photos and transforming  into someone else. They then had to practise typing, by giving a sentence their new character might say. Please take a look at our efforts below.....

(please note: I could not put every piece of work on the website, so instead have given a selection of examples)

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

The children have thoroughly enjoyed using 2DIY from Purplemash. Now they can do it on their tablets at home for free!

2 Paint a Picture with the Cedars class (15th October)

We have been working really hard on learning to login to the school computers and improving our mouse skills. Today we used two programs by 2Simple: 2PaintAPicture and 2DIY. First we created pictures of animals, inspired by Julia Donaldson's book 'The Monkey Puzzle', using painting tools in 2PaintAPicture. Next we made our own jigsaw puzzles using a program on Purplemash called 2DIY (this is also a free app from iTunes!) Please take a look at our amazing animals...

Picture 1

Y4 Virtual school Tours (13th October)

Year 4 have been creating virtual school tour presentations using Powerpoint. First we thought about what you would want to see on one of Mr Davies' headteacher tours. Next, using school digital cameras, we went and photographed those areas, before inserting them into a program called Microsoft Powerpoint. We decided more information was needed, so we then added text to inform visitors about each area, and a voice over to finalise our multimodal (visual, text and audio) presentations. We hope you enjoy taking our virtual tours!

(Please note: The Y4 children have been responsible for making all the decisions about their presentations. They were shown how to bring the text, visual and audio components together. However, content was entirely their own work, so it may contain some errors! The importance of checking their work thoroughly has been highlighted to the children, especially when being displayed on the school website.)

Molly and Amelia's Virtual School Tour

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Jamie's Virtual School Tour

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