Family Support Advisor

The aim of the Family Support Advisor’s role is to support you and your child to get the best from school and to strengthen relationships and communication between home, school and other services.

We aim to do this by:

  • Offering one to one support.
  • Listening to parents and carers and giving confidential support and guidance.
  • Providing access to parenting programmmes.
  • Supporting parents and carers with their own learning opportunities.

To achieve this we will offer:

  • Confidential and flexible support, advice and/or guidance to families through meetings at school, telephone/e-mail communication to individuals, groups and families.
  • An awareness and knowledge of other relevant services and agencies and support/guidance to access these.
  • Opportunities to meet with other parents/carers through regular, informal events.

Here at St Michael’s, our Family Support Adviser is Lucy Young.  She is usually in school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please use the form below to contact Lucy, or phone the school office on 01344 420878.

Young Carers at St Michael’s Easthampstead Primary School is led by Lucy Young- Family Support Worker

Here at St Michael’s we are dedicated to understanding the needs of the young carer. We have a designated lead Lucy Young who will identify and support the young carer, to ensure the right support is in place so they can enjoy school and work to their full potential.

What is a young carer?

A ‘young carer’ is the term used for children and young adults who have informal caring responsibilities, often for a family member.

A ‘young carer’ is a person under the age of 18 who provides care for another person.

A ‘young Carer’ may undertake some or all of the following;

Practical tasks – such as cooking, housework, shopping

Physical care – such as lifting, helping up the stairs and physiotherapy

Personal care – such as dressing, washing and helping someone go to the toilet

Emotional support – such as listening, calming someone and being there for someone.

Household management – such as paying the bills managing finances and collecting benefits

Looking after siblings – such as putting to bed and walking to school

Interpreting for parents – with hearing or speech impediments or language barriers.

Administering medication – such as insulin needles and preparing tablets.

We will widen and review our provision for young carers and better met young carers’ needs.

If left unsupported young carers can take on responsibilities that will have a lasting effect on their health and well-being, friendships and life opportunities.

Family Support Advisor Contact Form

To contact Lucy please fill in your details and leave a message.