Our Ethos: Through strong Christian faith and partnership with home and community, St. Michaels’ Easthampstead C of E Primary School empowers our children to fulfil their potential, equipping them with skills for happy, successful lives as responsible and confident members of an ever changing world.

The school will:
a. Provide a loving, caring and stimulating environment in which to learn.
b. Keep your child safe while at school.
c. Encourage your child to do their best at all times.
d. Encourage your child to take care of others and of their surroundings.
e. Inform parents of their child’s progress at regular parent consultation meetings.
f. Inform parents about what the teachers aim to teach their child each term.
g. Set and monitor homework on a regular basis.
h. Listen to the concerns of you and your child.
i. Follow the school’s Behaviour Policy when dealing with any behaviour incidents.
j. Communicate with parents/carers regularly, usually by a weekly Newsletter.
k. Promote the school’s values and uphold its Christian values.

The family will:
a. Make sure your child arrives at school on time – 8.50am for all classes.
b. Make sure your child attends regularly and provide an explanation if the child is absent.
c. Attend parent consultation evenings to discuss your child’s progress.
d. Not take holidays during the term time unless in authorised exceptional circumstances.
e. Support your child in homework and other home learning.
f. Ensure that your child gets to bed at a reasonable time during the school week. g. Ensure that your child uses the Internet, digital devices, electronic media and mobile phones safely and responsibly.
h. Not upload, publish or share online digital images of children, other than their own, taken at school events, or on school premises or on school trips.
i. Not make, publish or share online or on any social media any adverse or negative comments about the school, its staff, volunteers or pupils.
j. Contact the school direct if they have a concern or complaint to enable the school to look into the situation and resolve/respond as appropriate.
k. Support the school with and ensure your child is aware of and behaves in accordance with the school’s Behaviour Policy.
l. Be polite to all staff and visitors in school at all times.
m. Make the school aware of any changes to their child’s circumstances or significant events that may impact on their child’s learning/behaviour.
n. Ensure your child’s appearance and uniform adheres to the school’s uniform expectations and policy.
o. Ensure your child has all the equipment they need in school each day including PE kit, reading book, reading record and water bottle.
p. Not allow your child to use the outdoor play equipment before or after school.
q. Inform the school as soon as possible about any financial difficulties they you paying the voluntary contributions requested for school activities and trips.

The child will:
a. Be friendly, polite and helpful to others.
b. Do all class work and homework as well as he/she can.
c. Talk quietly.
d. Take good care of the equipment and the building.
e. Be proud to be a pupil at St. Michael’s.
f. Follow the school’s Behaviour Policy at all times.
g. Walk quietly when inside the school building.
h. Use the Internet, digital devices and electronic media safely and responsibly at all times.
h. Not upload, publish or share online digital images of St. Michael’s Pupils, taken at school events, or on school premises or on school trips.
i. Not make, publish or share online or on any social media any adverse, negative or inappropriate comments about the school, its staff, volunteers, parents/carers or pupils.
j. Not bring in items such as toys or phones unless on specific days set by the school or with
signed permissions from the parent and school. Any items not authorised will be confiscated.

Together we will:
a. Support your child to help them achieve their best.

School Policies
If you would like to read a copy of any school policies please contact the school office.
By accepting a place for your child at St. Michael’s you are agreeing to abide by the Home School Agreement, any updates to this document and all St. Michael’s Easthampstead and Bracknell Forest Council Policies applicable to your child and their education.