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Sept 14

Maple and Willow School Collages (30th September 2014)

Over the past few weeks, Maple and Willow Classes have been thinking about our School Prayer. They used class digital cameras to take their own photographs of people, places and events around the school that best fit to the words of the prayer. Once downloaded, the children then started importing photograph's into Microsoft Powerpoint to make a Collage of our School Prayer. Finally we added the first line of our prayer 'This is our School' as a title. Their final collages look amazing! Please take time to have a look....

Picture 1

Y6 SketchUp (18th September 2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Year 6, using a free program called SketchUp. Google Sketchup is a free graphical modelling program that enables you to create 3D representations of buildings and structures on your computer screen. The children enjoyed making houses last week, some were very futuristic! This week we designed with a purpose and made Anderson Shelters. Please take a look!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Y5 School Rules comics (5th September 2014)

Following on from Mr Davies assembly yesterday, the children made Comic Strip versions of the four school rules to help remind the whole school community. They used a program called 2Publish+. Click on each thumbnail below to see their impressive work!

Picture 1 Lucy & Erin
Picture 2 Tapi & Jessica