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Welcome to Tigers!


Our team consists of Mr Symons-Chan, Mrs Sansom, Mrs Pope and Mrs Ramsay.

We are the bridge between Foundation Stage and Year 2.


Outside of school, I have two boys and I can usually be found at Legoland Windsor. I am usually being taken around the Pirate Land by my youngest and my eldest just wants to go everywhere in the park.


In addition to Tigers class I have the responsibility of P.E. within the school.


Interesting facts about us:


Mr Symons-Chan cannot ride a bike, but can ride horses. I also spent a lot of time in France in my younger years.

Mrs Sansom is a keen music fan, she has a soft spot for Sir Cliff Richard and is educating me in the ways of things which are uniquely east London.

Mrs Pope and Mrs Ramsay are our amazing helpers, they are stars within Tigers. 

We also currently have Miss Miles on placement with us until the end of June 2014.


Homework on the Tigers site.


The Tigers team currently post a copy of the homework on this home page. The homework will either be an attachment that could be downloaded or instructions written directly onto the web page. A hard copy version is always provided and this service is intended to ensure that tasks can be easily accessible if originals have been lost. However, we cannot guarantee how long the activities will remain listed on this section of the website.


We hope this is useful to you.




"Big Talk" Homework.


Please talk to your children about what they have been doing during Arts week. What was their favourite activity?


Many thanks.


There was no homework set this weekend.


Year 1 Capacity Homework 06.06.14

Creative writing Year1 Homework 16.05.14.

Year 2 homework 16-05-14

Year 1 Homework 09/05/14 Number bonds to 20.

Year 1 Homework 02-05-14. A postcard from.....

2014 Summer 1 Topic Letter. Web Upload Version.

Topic information for the final summer half term.


The topic maps for Tigers Year 1  and Year 2.

Tigers 2014 Topic map for Summer Half Term 2

Lights Out Monday 4th August South Hill Park 2014.

Grouping in 5 and 10's

Our measuring in Maths.

We were looking at capacity and increasingly using and recognising what we empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. We even looked at ml & L, some of us managed to recall there were 100ml in 1L. We are still practicing which unit of measure is the larger one. However, our pictures show us having fun with the measuring.

Blinged Bikes and Scooters.


21-05-2014, half of the Tigers class brought in "Blinged" bikes and scooters. The images will be displayed here shortly. The winner will be announced in assembly on the 22nd of May 2014. Good luck everyone who entered.

Blinged Bikes and Scooters

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish 1
Rainbow Fish 2
Rainbow Fish 3
Rainbow Fish 4
Rainbow Fish 5

Our Seaside display

Our Seaside display 1 Tigers made a seaside picture for our topic.
Our Seaside display 2
Our Seaside display 3
Our Seaside display 4
Our Seaside display 5

Tigers section of the Easter Story.



The Tigers class chose to make an illustration of the Tuesday of the Easter Story. The event was Jesus washing people's feet (John chapter 12 versus 1-11). Our illustration was so big it took 4 children to hold it up in assembly whilst another child read the bible reference.

Each child in the class drew, coloured and cut out the different characters in the story, they chose to draw and cut out palm leaves to add to the picture.



Tigers Easter Assembly contribution.

Our DT work.

The children in Tigers Class made picture frames for Mothers Day. First we looked at a simple hinge. They said they had never made a hinge before. However, we folded a piece of paper in half to show a very basic hinge. They all said:


"of course we have all done that before."


The project then developed into making picture frames using different types of hinges as the stand. The children developed and modified their own ideas and designs after a draft frame was made.


Their actual frames were their own work, they demonstrated: detailed cutting, using different materials (our science link) and adhesives (Pritt stick, glue gun, masking tape).


The children also decided to decorate the sides of the frame using cut out shapes (flowers and hearts) and then it developed into a 3d pop decoration.


The design and development of the children's work has been amazing to see. Naturally, there are some refinements that the children identified, but a really great effort from Tigers Class. It was also brilliant to see the class help each other using their range of different skills...great team work!

Our draft frames on display.

Our draft frames on display. 1

Digiduck's adventure to Year 1.


Zoe Hoddle from Bracknell Forest came to visit us in school to tell us about the adventures of Digiduck.

We had Zoe share Digiduck's adventure and message to us all the Year 1 children in the Tigers classroom. It was a lovely and informative session we had with Digiduck.

We hope Digiduck and Zoe will visit again.


Digiduck visits us in Year 1.

3d Shape work.


In our Numeracy sessions we looked at 3d shapes. We had a chance to make cuboids and triangular prisms amongst other shapes. Luckily, we were able to make homes out of the shapes and we created a simple village. This also linked to our topic work of Houses and homes, DT, and science work at the time.

Our 3d shape village.

Our "Lest We Forget 2014" art work using different materials to create the Somme.

Our "Lest We Forget 2014" art work using different materials to create the Somme.  1