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3 Edited Animal Number Clip Art

Carnival Masks

Carnival Masks 1
Carnival Masks 2
The children had great fun this afternoon designing and making some wonderful 'Carnival Masks' for our Carnival Parade on Friday afternoon.

Romero Britto

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The children have been enjoying learning about Brazilian artist 'Romero Britto'. We have looked at examples of his work and been inspired to create our own!
Picture 1
The children have enjoyed learning about the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. We looked at his work which inspired us to make our own!

The Living rainforest

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We enjoyed a very good school trip to the Living Rainforest today. The children behaved themselves really well and showed amazing knowledge of the things they saw. Particular favourites with the children were: Goeldi's Monkeys, a pair of Toucans, poison-dart frogs, carpet python, dwarf crocodile, pitcher plants and the Chameleon (above). We explored amazing adaptations in both animals and plants - how has the chameleon adapted to life in the rainforest?

A Rainforest in a Shoe Box

3D Rainforest Animals

3D Rainforest Animals 1
3D Rainforest Animals 2
3D Rainforest Animals 3
3D Rainforest Animals 4
3D Rainforest Animals 5
3D Rainforest Animals 6
3D Rainforest Animals 7
3D Rainforest Animals 8
3D Rainforest Animals 9
3D Rainforest Animals 10
3D Rainforest Animals 11
3D Rainforest Animals 12
As part of the children's Rainforest homework, they were asked to create a 3D Rainforest animal and/or a Rainforest recipe using only fruits found in the Rainforest. Here are some fab examples. Why not give some a try and 'blog' what you think!

The Great Kapok Tree

The Great Kapok Tree 1
The Great Kapok Tree 2
The Great Kapok Tree 3
We have been learning a 'Tale from the Amazon' called The Great Kapok Tree. Ask the children to use the text map above to tell you the tale.

A Walk in the Rainforest - Poetry

A Walk in the Rainforest - Poetry 1
A Walk in the Rainforest - Poetry 2
A Walk in the Rainforest - Poetry 3
A Walk in the Rainforest - Poetry 4
We are learning a poem called 'A Walk in the Rainforest' that plays around with language. The children will be using this as a model to write their own poems about the Rainforest. Please ask them to tell you the poem using our class text map (above).


Next term (Summer) we will be learning about the Earth's tropical Rainforests.

What can you find out before you come back to school? Can you identify the animals in the picture below?

Picture 1

The 500 Step-Up Challenge

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Stone Giants

Stone Giants have been sighted in and around Year 3. One even left us a note asking for help?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
The children then discussed ways to catch a stone giant without hurting him. We then turned their ideas into a set of instructions called 'How to trap a Stone Giant'. Please ask the children to tell you how to do this using our story map below.

How to trap a Stone Giant

How to trap a Stone Giant 1
How to trap a Stone Giant 2
How to trap a Stone Giant 3
How to trap a Stone Giant 4

Create your own Dragonologist

This is a wonderful App that is currently free on Itunes and Android (Click on the icon above to go to the download screen).

It is a fun way to share animated messages. Children can customize their character. Change its mood or outfit. Then record their own voice or add dialogue, which the character then says for them. Great for those who are a little scared of speaking aloud!

I have received a few 'Gami's' as part of this week's homework. Check out Tilly's gami that she emailed to school...

Tilly's Dragonologist using Tellagami

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The Manchester Ridge-Back Dragon

In Literacy we are learning about non-chronological reports. We have learnt about the Manchester Ridge-Back Dragon (or MR-B for short). Ask the children to use these text maps to tell you all about it. You will be impressed!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Year 3 are using Scratch

Scratch cat large.png

In ICT we have been programming using a free piece of software called Scratch. Please click on the sprite above, to find out how to download the software safely, and start prgramming at home.


Alternatively, you could use the online version of Scratch instead!