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Welcome to Year 4 2016/17

Welcome to the class page for year 4! This is a useful place for you to find documents, links and photographs as well as information about what is happening in year 4. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please come and speak to Mrs Wade. You could also tweet to our class twitter page @mrswadeSME.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions or you would like to arrange a meeting with Mrs Wade, you could contact her by email KWade@stmicheast.co.uk and she will get back to you as soon as she can. Please note that emails can be temperamental, so please speak to Mrs Wade in the playground if your message is urgent. Thank you.





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Ufton Court Residential trip

Monday 5th- Wednesday 7th June 2017


   Weekly awards- 7th July

Max M and Adam G               Michael                    Oliver C                       Kimi


This half term we have been focusing on improving the size and legibility of our handwriting. We have all been working really hard to present our work neatly and to make sure that other people can read and enjoy our writing. Well done for all your hard work. If you would like a pen licence, you must show that you can consistently present your writing neatly and clearly. You must have letters that are a small, even size when writing in pencil and in purple pen. Congratulation to the children pictured below who were awarded pen licences on or before January 2017. Mr Davies will be back in a few weeks to check how we have improved and will hopefully award a few more.....will it be YOU?


Summer 2- Our local area study

When we get back from Ufton Court, we will be focusing on our local area to develop our mapping and geography skills. We will be studying the local history and as well as learning how to draw and interpret maps. We will be studying miracles and prayer in RE, too! PLEASE NOTE: A Summer 2 homework project will be sent out on Friday 9th June, to be returned by Friday 15th July. It can also be found in the links at the bottom of the page, enjoy!

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Summer 2 spelling focus

Wow! Well done everyone on your hard work with your spellings in summer 1, your efforts have really paid off and we are so proud of you. Keep up the hard work so that you can continue to improve. Use the focus spelling lists to learn to spell new words each week and use the links below to help! Good luck!

Summer 1- The Tudors

Summer 1 is such an exciting term in year 4 as we learn about the Tudors! We will be studying the Battle of Bosworth, getting to know the Tudor monarchy as well as developing an understanding of how the Tudors have shaped Bracknell. We will be preparing for our trip to Ufton Court, which is straight after half term. Monday 5th- Wednesday 7th June 2017.

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Spring 2- Our natural world



We will be continuing our geography topic with a focus on the natural features of the world including mountains, rivers and volcanoes. In science we will be focusing on teeth to develop our understanding of the digestive system. Our RE focus this half term is Lent, thinking about whether giving something up makes that person a better Christian. Big questions to answer!

Science week March 2017


In Science week we have been learning all about our teeth. We have named the different human teeth and identified their functions, as well as learning how to look after our teeth and why this is important. Ask us how many teeth adults usually have? Why should we brush teeth? How often and for how long should teeth be brushed?


Next week we are going to conduct an experiment into how different drinks effect teeth, and we are going to be investigating the similarities and differences between the teeth of humans and other animals. Watch this space....!

World Book Week- March 2017

We had really enjoyed an excellent World Book week. We have been inspired by book quotes, taken a quiz to recognise teachers by the books they were reading, dropped everything to read, read to other children and dressed up as our favourite characters. Big thanks to Miss Kearney for organising such inspiring activities for us to take part in!

Picture 1 Our amazing door design! To be a cat, Matt Haig
Picture 2 Well done everyone for excellent effort on WBD17
Picture 3 So inspired by book quotes, we made our own!

Spring 1- Around the World

After an exciting Autumn term learning about Christmas around Europe, we are now extending our geography knowledge around the world! We will be spending this half term mapping continents, countries and cities, as well as building an understanding of the different cultures.


We will be looking at pilgrimages in RE and our science topic this half term is digestion, watch this space for investigations....


Spring 2 Maths challenge- Key Instant Recall Facts!

WOW! Amazing success with the KIRF project in Spring 1! EVERYONE made huge progress towards learning these by heart, amazing work. Congratulations! A new half term brings a new challenge and this is a great one because we have already had a secret head start! We need to instantly recall the decimal/fraction equivalent and convert easily between the two, which is what we had been learning to do in Spring 1!Information and tips for good ways to learn this were stuck in homework books on 20th February 2017, and we took home posters to demonstrate the maths behind the facts on 21st February 2017. Don't forget to keep practising those Spring 1 KIRFs- 9x and 11x tables too! Good luck!

Children in Need-Friday 18th November 2016

WOW! Thank you so much for all your support with Children in Need 2016!


Through your hard work and commitment we managed to raise awareness through our class assembly, a colouring competition, pyjama day and year 4 bake sale.


As a community, we managed to raise £560 for the 2016 appeal. An AMAZING achievement! Thank you.




Children in Need 2016 information posters

Mannequin challenge- children in need 2016

Still image for this video

Autumn 2- Europe

Our new topic for this busy Christmas term is Europe. We will be placing each country on a map and labelling each capital city, as well as focusing on some countries specifically to learn about their landmarks, traditions and greetings.

Autumn 1 2016- The Normans

Our first year 4 topic is the Normans! We will be learning all about the events around the Battle of Hastings, the Norman conquest and how this changed England! Watch this space for photographs!

Motte and Bailey Castles

Thank you so much to everyone that sent in something to help to build our Motte and Bailey castles. We worked in small groups to make them and they looked fabulous! We really appreciate your support with this. Thank you.

Welcome letter and class information

We love the library!

We visit the library every Friday and for a lot of us this is a lovely, peaceful time of the week! Please make sure that your library book is in your bag, ready to be changed. Children are allowed ONE book at a time to encourage responsibility and organisation.


Excellent behaviour is expected and encouraged from every pupil in year 4. We work hard to improve our learning and to engage with others in our environment positively so that everyone can get the support that they need. We earn smilies for good effort and team points for achievement. Smilies are stamped in individual charts and when they are full up, they are a ticket to the treasure chest in Mr Davies' office! Team points are collated on a team sheet and added to the school total. The leaders of the team point competition each half term will receive a treat. Every week, one (or two!) children in the class receives a gold certificate for being a superstar! Look out for your name in the newsletter! This year, there will also be a reader, writer and mathematician of the week, recognised for excellent effort and progress in specific areas. These children's names are displayed in our classroom and they will win a snazzy prize! Good luck!  

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