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Welcome back and I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter. Our curriculum news has been sent home and also a copy will be here to refer to.


I am particularly excited about the Make A Difference Challenge that we will be undertaking between now and the Celebration Event on July 7th. This project will see the children raise awareness about or money for a cause that they feel particularly strongly about. It is a child led challenge and so they will choose the cause that they want and then use the framework set out by Go-Givers (the charity that oversees the project across the whole of Berkshire) to map out and undertake the exact actions that they want. Obviously this will all be done under my supervision and with my help, but vitally it is the children's project and not a teacher led one.


All of the children will gain a huge amount from helping others and the whole process that they will go through. It will increase their confidence in talking in front of others and bolster a lot of their skills all across the curriculum. Most importantly it will boost their sense of empathy and helping others.


I will keep everyone updated of progress as we work through the challenge.


It just leaves me to wish you all a happy and fun filled summer term!


Best Wishes


Mr Saunders



See the links to the Go Givers website and the YouTube video of an amazing teenager called Stephen Sutton.

Year 5 Summer Term Curriculum Information

Here are some websites that could be of use this term.

Try them and see what you think!!


Obviously - only access these with parental permission, but enjoy learning from them!

If a picture can paint a 1000 words then what does this collection of pictures and words mean? Ask your child if they can turn this picture "map" into an explanation text!!

A starting point for technical drawing!!

Stephen's Story - When life gives you cancer

A real inspiration to us all in living life to the full and helping others. Stephen was first diagnosed with cancer when he was just 15 and despite thinking he was in remission a few times his condition is now incurable. However, instead of being angry and asking "why me?" he has dedicated the rest of his life to raising awareness for the good in helping others as well as raising a huge amount of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
You can also google him and see just how much he has done since his diagnosis to inspire and help his fellow man. A truly amazing human being. I would love to think that I could have been so amazingly positive if I found myself in his situation, but I very much doubt I could even get close.
Please watch this with Year 5 children if you can!
Mr Saunders