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Year 6

Day 1, 8.55pm

Year 6 have had a great day. Good journey down followed by lovely tour of the beautiful countryside here. Dinner was chilli con carne with potato wedges (enjoyed and polished off) followed by peach crumble and custard. Games in the Sports Hall due to the rain and now all headed off to get ready for bed. Fingers crossed they all sleep well.

Year 6 by the crosses

Year 6 by the crosses 1

Day 2, 12.30pm


A fantastic morning. Hearty breakfasts all round then time to Think!


Worst of the weather has held off although it's rather windy and chilly. Morning activities were Discovery Time (teamwork and problem solving) or Low Ropes. Time for lunch now: pizzas and salad!!

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning 1
Tuesday morning 2

Day 2, 4.30pm


Split into 3 groups this afternoon: one climbing, another doing archery and the last one crate stacking. The rain has mostly held off although temperatures are not really what you’d expect in June! 

Everyone still in good spirits and looking forward to Chicken Tikka Marsala for tea.

More Tuesday Activities

More Tuesday Activities 1
More Tuesday Activities 2
More Tuesday Activities 3
More Tuesday Activities 4

Day 2, 9.00pm


Delicious dinner tonight (Chicken Tikka Marsala followed by fruit salad) was just what the doctor ordered after a cold and blustery afternoon.


After the Atomic Egg Challenge where each team had to use the available resources to protect an egg that was then dropped from the balcony (none survived so scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow), Year 6 have been sent to get ready for bed (Mr Saunders is the eternal optimist!)

Atomic Egg Challenge

Wednesday, 6.35am


We're off to the beach in 3 hours so hoping the weather clears up. You can just make out the crosses on the hill (only if you zoom in when using technology though!)

Misty start to the day

Misty start to the day 1
Misty start to the day 2

Wednesday evening 


We've been really lucky that the rain has largely gone around us today without soaking us. A couple of great hours spent exploring the beach this morning then either crate stacking, archery or climbing in the afternoon. Dinner tonight is fish and chips so everyone is looking forward to it.

Wednesday photos

Wednesday photos 1
Wednesday photos 2
Wednesday photos 3
Wednesday photos 4
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1



We finally got caught up in some wet weather this morning but it didn't dampen the spirits as everyone finished off their turns at crate stacking, climbing or archery. After lunch we have been orienteering and zip wiring. Everyone is still fit, well and enjoying themselves!

Thursday bedtime


After an amazing week and smores on the beach we've reached the final sleep before home time. Year 6 have been a credit to the school and had such a good time. It's been a privilege to spend this week with them and see how much they've all grown.

Picture 1

Age Related Expectations for a Year 6 pupil

Guide to the "chimping" technique to develop spelling

World Book Day 2019

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Olivia, Samuel, Sophie, Adam, Kacper and Liliana
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WW2 News Broadcasts

Adam, Max, Gabriella, Casey and Louisa
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Jacob, Eloise, Scarlett, Abigail, Kimi and Oliver
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Mia, Yasmine, Anesu, Oliver and Frazer
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Lacey-Mae, Hansel, Jack, Sophie, Abigail and Jack
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Matthew, Michael, Maxi, Oakley and Emma
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