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Dear Children, Parents & Carers,

Welcome to St. Michael's Easthampstead School!  Obviously, I am hugely biased but, hand on heart, I can tell you this is a fantastic school to be a part of.  As our motto says, we want our children, and staff, to develop 'Learning to Love; Loving to Learn' and as you walk around the school, you'll get to see the wonderful smiles as children live this out every day.


We have worked hard on embedding our core Values of 'Faith, Trust, Honesty, Courage & Wisdom' and we continually strive for all of us to show these values, and the underlying characteristics, at all times during our time in class, in school and in our lives outside of school.  Through these values, and an unerring positive ethos, we are all committed to ensuring children have a wide array of learning experiences, helping children to attain to the best of their abilities, and develop them so they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to progress in life and function effectively as local, national and global citizens. We aim to do all this in such a way that the children cannot help but smile and develop their love of learning.


As a Church School, we have good links with the clergy of St. Michael's Church.  As well as clergy leading some worship within our school, we hold services in church, have communion twice a term, support community events/fundraising and use the church as a learning resource for our children.


One of my key aims is to foster strong links between school and home - I often talk of our school 'family' and positive, strong links between us are essential.  All staff are available to talk to on the playground at the end of each day, as am I, and we welcome any comments, thoughts or help you can give.


We are all here to do the absolute best we can for each and every child - and together that's what we will achieve. 


If you have any questions or would like to come and look around our wonderful school, please do not hesitate to contact us,


Best Wishes & God Bless


Karen Davis