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Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Once again we have a really busy term ahead in Year 6 and, as if to add even greater significance to it, it will be the children's last term in primary school!


The SATs tests will take place from Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May and so the first 3 weeks of term will be see us preparing for these for all of the class. For this week (and indeed for the 3 weeks building up to them) it is essential that all children are in school everyday ON TIME as the tests have to take place in a strict timetable with very clear rules for the way in which they are administered. Luckily, all the year 6 staff are very experienced  at this and so will do so efficiently whilst also ensuring it is as stress free a time as possible for the children.


New topics (in the afternoons only to start with) for this half-term include: 

Ancient Egypt in History, Keeping Healthy and Body Changes in Science, Moving On in PSHE (later changing to Puberty and Sex Education after half-term) and Art/DT backing up the Egyptian theme.


After half -term we have the Year 6 performances, Beacon Centre trip, transition days to secondary school, Bikeability training, Leavers' Assembly, prize giving assembly, St Michael's Got Talent............the list seems to go on and on!!


For more information about this term please look at the curriculum news posted below (a paper copy will be sent home for you to refer to as well) or feel free to catch me at the start/end of a day and ask me in person.


As ever, if you want to speak to me about anything about your child or school do come and find me on the playground before or after school (or if you need a little longer make an appointment via the school office).


Here's looking forward to a fantastic final term in primary school, full of hard work and enjoyment.


Best wishes


Mr Saunders

Curriculum Overview for Summer 1 2015

Spelling Recovery - what on earth is my child talking about when they say they are "chimping" a word??

Year 6 Computing with Mr Callow

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Year 6 over the past two weeks, using a free program called SketchUp. Google Sketchup is a free graphical modelling program that enables you to create 3D representations of buildings and structures on your computer screen. The children enjoyed making houses last week, some were very futuristic! This week we designed with a purpose and made Anderson Shelters. Please take a look!


Mr Callow

SketchUp Houses

SketchUp Houses 1
SketchUp Houses 2
SketchUp Houses 3
SketchUp Houses 4
SketchUp Houses 5

SketchUp Anderson Shelters

SketchUp Anderson Shelters 1 Alfie
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 2 Amelia
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 3 Ryan
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 4 Bailey
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 5 Eve
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 6 Jessica
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 7 Julia
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 8 Kyle
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 9 Mark H
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 10 Maxx
SketchUp Anderson Shelters 11 Maxx

Sorry that they are so late, but here are some of Year 6's brilliant Battle of Britain paintings